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Hair Colour Correction Specialists – Legend Hairdressers, Nuneaton

Colouring your hair at home does not always go to plan, so if you’ve experienced a hair colour disaster, help is at hand.

At Legend Hairdressers we are experts in hair colour and hair colour correction.  We love dealing with challenging hair problems so please book in for a complimentary consultation so we can return your hair to glorious condition and a wonderful colour.

We are technically trained to the highest standard and we use the most stunning colours.

PLEASE NOTE: To protect you from the unlikely event of an allergic reaction to PPDs found in all permanent hair colours, a colour sensitivity test must be applied 48 hours prior to a first time colour application, or if you have not had colour with us for more than six months.

Improving the look of over-processed hair.

Hair that has become too dry is likely to look dull and be prone to breaking.  As hair colour technicians we can improve the appearance of over-processed hair by injecting some much-needed moisture into your locks.

We will explain what can be realistically achieved as we begin the process of treating your hair to return it to a vibrant and healthy colour.

Hair colour change.

If you are looking to completely change your hair colour, you would be wise to leave this complex process to the professionals at Legend Hairdressing.

It is not as simple as applying a new shade over the top if you want to change the colour of your hair. For example, transforming light hair to a darker shade typically requires two separate colour applications.  The first fills your hair with the pigment it needs to hold onto the new darker shade.  The second produces the shade that is perfect for you.

Transforming dark hair to a lighter colour can also be challenging for non-professionals.  Your hair needs to be prepared for your new lighter look with a colour remover and this process may need to be repeated. Once the artificial pigment has been removed we’ll create your rich, new colour.

Hair shade problems.

There are numerous causes of hair shade problems.  Perhaps your hair has been lightened by the sun, or maybe you have a build-up of hair colourant or root regrowth.

We can correct highlights that are too brassy or yellow or sort out unsightly bands of hair colour that have overlapped.  If your hair colour has turned out too light we can add a warmer shade or lowlights, or if your hair colour has turned out too dark we can lighten your hair colour with a few well placed highlights.

Each individual area of your hair will be carefully analysed and we will use different techniques, colours and tones to achieve a beautifully blended hair colour.

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